Traveling Without Uber and Lyft at LAX During the Holidays

uber and lyft at lax

If you haven’t had to fly in the last few months, you may not have experienced the new policies regarding taxis, Uber and Lyft at LAX. As of October 29th, rideshares and taxis cannot pick up rides on the curb. Instead, travelers must take a shuttle from their terminal to a designated rideshare pick up lot called LAX-it (pronounced LA Exit), located outside Terminal 1. The waiting area is outfitted with phone charging stations, restrooms, and food trucks between 5 AM and 1 AM and staff are available to help with loading and unloading luggage. Though I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s been a rough transition. Read on for an easier way to fly.

So why are they doing this to us?

They say it’s an attempt to mitigate traffic. The ubiquity of Uber and Lyft at LAX has caused a lot of congestion. Plus recent construction to accommodate the upcoming Olympics has added fuel to the fire.

uber and lyft at lax

Is it working?

Sigh. For mitigating traffic? Yes. But it’s not as seamless as they promised. People have complained of ridiculously long wait times, packed shuttles, gridlocked traffic, and confusion booking. Airport authorities do seem to have ironed out some of the details. Wait times are getting shorter and they’re designating a new lot for Lyft to mitigate the new traffic. Pro tip: call your ride before you get to the LAX-it lot.

Does this mean I have to pick up my parents from the airport?

Sigh. Unless you want to order them an Uber Black, yes.

uber and lyft at LAX car keys valet

Is there a better way?

Yes! For shorter trips, we recommend using Pavemint’s Airport Valet and avoiding the entire thing. Experience the magic of being dropped off and picked up from your terminal in your own car. And at a rate of just $1.25/hour, you only pay for the time you use.

Happy holidays!


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