Listen Now: The Effects of COVID-19 on Parking Technology

woman scanning pavemint's parking sign during covid-19

Pavemint Senior Account Executive Josh Sternlicht is the host of a new podcast: the Parking Launch Podcast (PLP for short). In the latest episode of The Parking Launch Podcast, he leads a discussion about the effects of COVID-19 on parking technology. Tune in to hear the group discuss: 

  • How COVID-19 is affecting the parking industry in general
    • Lot owners and operators are doing their best to adapt during the pandemic.
  • Contactless payments 
    • Many parking lots are finding creative ways to address driver concerns due to COVID. This includes eliminating the need for cash and reducing the need to interact face to face with a parking attendant.
    • Pavemint’s Self Park tool makes going contactless easy and affordable.
  • Lot enforcement
    • Emerging technologies are helping parking lots better police their lots. Whether it’s hardware or software, there’s a solution for everybody.

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the effects of covid-19 on parking technology

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